A/Prof Alessandro Pelizzon

Alessandro Pelizzon


Associate Professor in Law


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Associate Professor Alessandro Pelizzon completed his LLB/LLM at the University of Turin in Italy, specialising in comparative law and legal anthropology with a field research project conducted in the Andes. His Doctoral research, conducted at the University of Wollongong, focused on native title and legal pluralism in the Illawarra region. Alessandro has been exploring the emerging discourse on rights of nature, Wild Law and Earth Jurisprudence since its inception, with a particular focus on the intersection between this emerging discourse and different legal ontologies. His most recent book, titled Ecological Jurisprudence: Law, Representation and Environmental Metaphysics is about to be published by Edinburgh University Press.

Alessandro is a co-founder and an Executive Committee Member of the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature, the current Director of GARN’s International Academic Hub, and an expert member of the UN Harmony with Nature programme.

Alessandro’s main areas of research are legal anthropology, legal theory, comparative law, ecological jurisprudence, sovereignty, and Indigenous rights.