Professor Amisha Mehta

Amisha Mehta


Head of School


School of Advertising, Marketing & PR

Areas of research & interest:

  • Behaviour change
  • Communications
  • Communities & society
  • Economics & business
  • Education
  • Energy & fuels
  • Hydrogen
  • Social issues


  • Communities in transition
  • Energy & infrastructure
  • Green investment
  • Hydrogen & fuels
  • Nature based solutions

Research Institution:



Professor Amisha Mehta specialises in risk and crisis communication and trust at the QUT Business School. She applies this expertise in emerging industries like hydrogen energy and commercial drones and in the context of corporate, health, and natural hazard emergencies. Amisha’s research has been translated into new national policy via the Australian Warnings System and new organisational practices. Amisha is a member of the Advisory Panel for the Inspector-General Emergency Management and leads the World Meteorological Organization’s High Impact Weather trust project. Amisha’s teaching and research have been recognised by national and industry associations. Prior to joining QUT, Amisha worked in communication for organisations in Brisbane and London.