Mr Andrew Buckwell

Andrew Buckwell


Senior Research Assistant


Griffith Business School

Areas of research & interest:

  • Carbon offsets & markets
  • Climate change
  • Communities & society
  • Economics & business
  • Environment
  • Land use & planning


  • Agriculture & environment
  • Carbon & environmental markets
  • Communities in transition
  • Green investment
  • Land Use & Regional Planning

Research Institution:


Andrew is an applied environmental and resource economist and social scientist in Griffith Business School and the Griffith Climate Action Beacon. Andrew has significant experience in field research design, execution and analysis, and consulting, specialising in non-market economic valuation, and social benefit cost analysis. Andrew's broader research agenda is to define the conditions and the measures that enable communities and resource users to understand the impacts and dependencies of their resource use. The aim of this is to encourage capital to flow naturally towards socially-equitable and ecologically regenerative investments and endeavours, as this is where it finds the best mix of returns.