Professor Bernadette McCabe

Bernadette McCabe


Director and Professor


Centre for Agricultural Engineering

Areas of research & interest:

  • Agriculture & food
  • Batteries & storage
  • Biodiversity & conservation
  • Carbon offsets & markets
  • Circular economy
  • Climate change
  • Education
  • Emissions reduction
  • Energy & fuels
  • Environment
  • Hydrogen
  • International relations
  • Policy & regulation
  • Sustainability
  • Technology & innovation
  • Transport


  • Agriculture & environment
  • Battery & energy storage
  • Carbon & environmental markets
  • Emissions reduction & sequestration
  • Energy & infrastructure
  • Hydrogen & fuels
  • Industry & business solutions
  • Nature based solutions
  • Policy & regulation
  • Technology solutions
  • Transport

Research Institution:


Professor Bernadette McCabe is currently Director at the University of Southern Queensland's (UniSQ) Centre for Agricultural Engineering (CAE) and is the Research Program Team Leader for Energy and Bioresource Recycling. Bernadette is Australia's National Team Leader for the International Energy Agency (IEA) Bioenergy program Task 37: Energy from Biogas and is a member of the Australian Research Council (ARC) College of Experts. Bernadette has a background in agricultural & industrial bioengineering and has more than 25 years’ experience as an academic and researcher. Her research investigates technologies to enable intensive Australian farming and food-processing industries to turn their commercial waste into a valuable commodity. She works with these industries to be more profitable by using organic waste to produce biogas, clean recycled water and biofertiliser. Her research has been applied to the livestock and cropping sectors (both on and off farm) and water utilities. Bernadette extends her science communication beyond high impact journals by regularly contributing to media outlets to boost public awareness of bioenergy and bioresource recycling and has promoted science in schools since 2007 through CSIRO’s STEM Professionals in schools program.