Professor Graeme Millar

Graeme Millar




School of Mech., Medical & Process Engineering

Areas of research & interest:

  • Agriculture & food
  • Circular economy
  • Critical minerals & resources
  • Energy & fuels
  • Hydrogen
  • Sustainability


  • Agriculture & environment
  • Energy & infrastructure
  • Hydrogen & fuels
  • Industry & business solutions
  • Technology solutions

Research Institution:



Professor Graeme Millar is a Queensland University of Technology researcher and senior lecturer in the area of Industrial Chemistry, Process Engineering & Clean Technologies. He was the director of an industrial chemistry start-up company from initial concept to point of global product sales and subsequent expansion into the marketplace. He was also the Technical General Manager of a start-up company which successfully took two technologies from proof-of-concept stage through to full scale commercial demonstration and sales. One product is used for wastewater clean-up and the other for industrial bulk chemical manufacture. He was the Business Manager with a company which developed and supplied novel water treatment technologies, chemical production plants, fireproof construction materials made from renewable sources and green energy generation units.