Professor Keith Crews

Keith Crews




School of Civil Engineering, ARC Advance Timber Hub

Areas of research & interest:

  • Built environment
  • Carbon offsets & markets
  • Circular economy
  • Economics & business
  • Policy & regulation
  • Sustainability
  • Technology & innovation


  • Carbon & environmental markets
  • Green investment
  • Industry & business solutions
  • Policy & regulation
  • Technology solutions

Research Institution:


Professor Keith Crews is currently Professor & Director of the Australian Research Council Industrial Transformation Research Hub to Advance Timber in Australia’s Built Environment, hosted at the University of Queensland. He specialises in the research and design of large scale timber structures and is internationally recognised as an expert in the area of Sustainable Infrastructure – particularly in regard to bridge safety, structural assessment and timber engineering for non residential buildings and physical infrastructure. Keith has extensive experience initiating and managing large scale, multi-disciplinary research projects undertaken for Government and industry. Keith is Director of the UQ Centre for Future Timber Structures, formerly on the ARC Future Timber Hub Board; and previously lead of University of Technology Sydney (UTS) External Engagement that managed multidisciplinary research teams addressing complex industry problems. Keith is currently CI on an ARC Linkage Project for an engineering-architecture collaboration on circular building design. Keith’s internationally recognised expertise in timber engineering solutions has been instrumental in the development of National and ISO Standards for testing and design of structural timber products, with a strong national profile from engaging industry and policy makers on the benefits of innovative timber solutions.