Dr Lei Zhang

Lei Zhang


DECRA Fellow


Centre for Catalysis and Clean Energy

Areas of research & interest:

  • Batteries & storage
  • Energy & fuels
  • Environment
  • Sustainability


  • Agriculture & environment
  • Battery & energy storage
  • Energy & infrastructure
  • Industry & business solutions

Research Institution:


Dr Lei Zhang is working on the field of material science and energy storage applications. Holding a Ph.D. in Material Science from the University of Wollongong (2014-2017) and having engaged in international exchange programs, At present, Dr. Zhang is a DECRA Fellow (2024-2026) at Griffith University. Having held a Griffith University Postdoctoral Fellowship (2021-2023) and serving as a Research Fellow (2017-2021), he has consistently delved into cutting-edge research in the realm of energy storage. Dr. Zhang's influence extends beyond research, as he is actively involved in teaching and mentoring. His role as a lead lecturer for Inorganic Chemistry demonstrates his dedication to imparting knowledge to the next generation of scientists. Moreover, his doctoral supervision activities underscore his commitment to nurturing research talent. Dr. Zhang's contributions to academia are reflected in his substantial publication record. With over 60 research papers in prominent international journals, he has consistently contributed to the academic discourse. His research output includes high-cited papers and chapters in English books, demonstrating his influence and recognition within his field. His h-index of 30+ signifies the impact of his work. In addition to his research, Dr. Zhang's involvement in editorial boards underscores his commitment to advancing scientific knowledge. He is part of the editorial boards for esteemed journals such as Microstructures, Rare Metal, and Advanced Fiber Materials. In essence, Dr. Lei Zhang embodies the qualities of a dedicated researcher and educator. His multidisciplinary background, research excellence, and commitment to shaping the future of energy storage technologies make him a prominent figure in the academic and scientific community.