A/Prof Nina Lansbury

Nina Lansbury


Division Head, Planetary Health and Health Protection & Associate Professor


School of Public Health

Areas of research & interest:

  • Behaviour change
  • Climate change
  • Communities & society
  • Environment
  • First Peoples
  • Health
  • Policy & regulation


  • Agriculture & environment
  • Communities in transition
  • First Nations
  • Policy & regulation

Research Institution:


Associate Professor Nina Lansbury (also published as Nina Hall) is an environmental public health research and teaching academic at The University of Queensland’s School of Public Health. Her current research at UQ examines environmental health aspects that support the health and wellbeing of remote Indigenous community residents on both mainland Australia and in the Torres Strait in terms of housing, water and sanitation, and women's health. She also investigates the impacts of climate change on human health, and this involved a role as Lead Author on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC AR6 WG II). Within the research sector, she was previously a senior research scientist at CSIRO, manager of the Sustainable Water program at The University of Queensland, and senior research consultant at the Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS. Within the non-government sector, she was previously the director of the Climate Action Network Australia and research coordinator at the Mineral Policy Institute.