Dr Ray Maher

Ray Maher


Lecturer in Design


School of Architecture, Design and Planning

Areas of research & interest:

  • Built environment
  • Circular economy
  • Climate change
  • Emissions reduction
  • Environment
  • Land use & planning
  • Policy & regulation
  • Sustainability
  • Transport


  • Agriculture & environment
  • Emissions reduction & sequestration
  • Industry & business solutions
  • Policy & regulation
  • Technology solutions
  • Transport
  • Land Use & Regional Planning

Research Institution:


Dr Ray Maher is Lecturer in Design (Built Environment) at the School of Architecture, and Research Fellow at the Centre for Policy Futures at the University of Queensland. Ray collaborates broadly across institutions while leading research and capacity-building projects with government and industry. His work focuses on sustainable development strategy, urban development and design, Sustainable Development Goals, decision-support tools, circular economy, and addressing ‘wicked’ problems using systems, design, and futures thinking. Ray’s research is engagement-focused, interdisciplinary, and applied, which builds the capacity of stakeholders.