A/Prof Debra Cushing

Debra Cushing


Associate Professor


School of Architecture & Built Environment

Areas of research & interest:

  • Built environment
  • Environment
  • Social issues


  • Agriculture & environment

Research Institution:



Dr. Debra Cushing’s research and teaching combines her interest in health-promoting environments, with her understanding of using design theory and research evidence to create sustainable and vibrant landscapes and urban spaces that enable all ages to thrive. She uses environmental psychology theory and placemaking principles to inform the design of places of different scales, including parks, trails, and urban plazas. Her current research areas include intergenerational park design, environments for children and youth, green infrastructure for human health and ecosystem services, bus stops as small-scale infrastructure for climate, context, and community; and design nudges to encourage physical activity and social engagement within public spaces. Deb is an Associate Professor in Landscape Architecture in the School of Architecture and Built Environment. She has had various leadership roles, including Discipline Leader and the Research Training Coordinator. She is currently a researcher with the Human Building Interaction (HBI) Research Group.