Professor David Rowlings

David Rowlings




School of Biology & Environmental Science

Areas of research & interest:

  • Agriculture & food
  • Biodiversity & conservation
  • Carbon offsets & markets
  • Climate change
  • Environment


  • Agriculture & environment
  • Carbon & environmental markets

Research Institution:



Professor David Rowlings is a soil scientist in the Sustainable Agriculture program at the Centre for Agriculture and Bioeconomy. His research sits at the nexus of the environmental and agricultural science, enabling high impact research outcomes that benefit both fields for positive global change and food security. He specializes in the development and utilization of improved sensing and monitoring technologies for mitigating environmental greenhouse gases, improving crop fertiliser-use efficiency and monitoring soil carbon, reactive nitrogen and biogeochemical processes. His work spans the Australian beef, dairy, grains, sugar and horticulture industries and he has worked internationally in cropping and rice systems. Working with farmers, state governments, the composting industry and researchers from across Australia he currently leads the national Smart Farming Partnerships Unlocking the true value of organic soil amendments project to develop a farm-ready tool for the effective management of composts into farm fertiliser budgets for environmental, soil health and economic sustainability. His research interests include soil carbon and nitrogen cycling, reactive nitrogen, biogeochemical cycles, nitrogen use efficiency, subtropical and semi-arid tropical farming systems, and utilising organic amendments for sustainable agriculture and soil health.