Assoc Prof. Felicity Deane

Felicity Deane


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Faculty of Business & Law, School of Law


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Felicity Deane is an Associate Professor at Queensland University of Technology with a strong record of collaboration with industry, government and other scholars. Her research leadership in the field of trade and climate change has been recognised internationally and nationally with many citations in international policy papers and in high quality academic outlets.   Felicity has been researching and teaching the law of the World Trade Organization for over a decade and her first book 'Emissions Trading and the WTO Law: A Global Analysis' is considered a leading academic resource on emissions trading scheme governance and compliance with trade norms. Her second major strand of research is in regulation and land use change. Over the past 10 years she has collaborated with industry and government on projects that focus on land use practices in Australia, different regulatory responses and the impacts on natural resources. She has led many projects that have contributed to this literature in Australia and internationally. It is her desire as a researcher to contribute to literature on the governance of industry, the environment and technology to support better outcomes in a world with conflicting needs and common goals.